New here?

If you are new to church the following may help in knowing what to expect.

We Welcome.
When you come to visit we will greet you warmly. We have Bibles available for visitors in the pews so you can follow along with our time of worship.

We Sing.
We sing songs during our worship to God. All song words are projected. Our song leaders and musicians help lead the songs. You can sing if you want or simply listen.

We Pray.
We offer prayers to God for His guidance and care. We pray for God's comfort and healing of the sick, we pray for those are travelling, we pray for our nation's leaders, and we pray we can be pleasing to God.

We Remember Jesus' Death.
We partake in the Lord's Supper (Communion) on the first Sunday morning of the month and the three Sunday evening of the month. This is a solemn time as we think about Jesus' death on the cross for us. When the bread and grapejuice is passed to you, you may partake if you like, or if you'd rather not that's okay too.

We Contribute.
We take up a weekly collection for the work of the church here and elsewhere, but we do not expect our visitors to contribute! After all, you are visiting. You can contribute to God's work when you feel you can do so in good conscience.

We Hear a Message.
We provide insight into God's Word and you will find the lessons helpful in your efforts to be pleasing to God. We promise you will learn a lot and you will feel strengthened by the message spoken.

We Talk with You.
We look forward to meeting you and talking with you over a cup of tea or coffee after the service.