Night services

The night service is a relaxed time together where we aim to refuel people with a word from God that puts us on track, restores and encourages and is full on meaning for our life.  It is a bit more casual than the morning service and the music is more contemporary.  People from all ages and all walks of life attend in the evening.  Whilst families and people in their nineties come, it is especially well attended by young people.  We kick off at 6pm.  The singing is often really great. The message from the Scriptures is a central part of our time together.  It’s our desire that through His word, the Holy Spirit would do huge work in the hearts and lives of people who come.

We have supper after the service and people often hang around for quite a while.  We would love to see you.  It’s always hard connecting to a church for the first time and so we try to make it as easy for newcomers as we can.