Special Religious Education ("Scripture")

Wagga Wagga Baptist Church enthusiastically supports Special Religious Education (SRE) in a number of ways, including financial support and the provision of teachers.  Many people flock each year to the Monster Garage Sale, held on the last Saturday in the February on the WWBC property, to get bargain-priced second hand goods for sale.  This combined-churches event is a major fund-raiser for WICCET (see below) to provide the staff and resources for SRE in schools.

WWBC is a member church of the Baptist Union of NSW, which is approved by the NSW Department of Education & Communities to provide SRE.  Under the BU-NSW umbrella, WWBC authorises SRE teachers to conduct classes in government schools in Wagga Wagga and surrounding towns.   The SRE teachers satisfy accreditation and Safe Places requirements, and teach lessons from the curricula below that have been approved for the purpose by the Pastor of WWBC, Dr David Strong.  Wagga Wagga Baptist Church joins with other churches belonging to the Wagga Wagga Inter Church Council (ICC) to cross-authorise SRE teachers from those churches to teach a common inter-denominational curriculum.  The churches delegate the running of the shared program to a sub-committee of the ICC called WICCET (Wagga Inter Church Christian Education Team).

Primary School

The Christian Education Publications (CEP) material produced through the Sydney Anglican diocese:

Also used is the Baptist Union of NSW "Godspace" material http://www.godspace.org.au/curriculum_3_year_summary.html


High School

WWBC approved on 28/3/2016 a new curriculum for use in high schools in Wagga Wagga called "Think Faith", produced by Christian Education Publications in 2016.  It is actively promoted by Generate Ministries, with whom the Inter Church Council has a Ministry Services Agreement to employ high school SRE staff.   An outline of the "Think Faith" curriculum is available for download.

The previous Generate Ministries curriculum ("OurSRE") for high schools - Year 7 in particular - combined excerpts from the following CEP resources:

This curriculum is being phased out in favour of "Think Faith", but a full description of the OurSRE curriculum will continue to be available until it is no longer used.


For further information about SRE please contact the Office of WWBC on 6931 7322, or the WICCET Primary School Coordinator (Mrs Julie Hart) on 0400 494 416.