Who we are

Welcome to Wagga Wagga Baptist Church

We are a community joined together by what we have seen and tasted of the goodness of God, in Jesus, by the work of his Spirit.  We are just ordinary people but we have been indelibly impacted by the Lord’s work in us. Our amazement is that someone with the strength and authority and goodness of Jesus would meet us in the mess of our lives and take all our dirt on Himself by dying and rising for us so we could be made clean and new and deeply connected to him.

Each week we love to listen to His word to us, sing with thankfulness, pray with faith, and weave together a community for Him.

We believe the Bible’s ancient teachings about Jesus but seek to worship Him in a way that fits in Wagga now. 

We are really glad to have people come on a Sunday to just receive and let us encourage you. We love to have people join us from every facet of our community no matter from what background or age bracket.   

Every Sunday we can have people who are here for the first time and others who have been part of our community for ages.  Many people are connected to small groups which meet during the week.  These can be a terrific way to be woven into a community of people who care.

You would be very welcome to come along and check us out. We meet at 10am and 6pm on Sundays.


Our Church Pastor is David Strong

David was born in Wagga and before he was a pastor he was a soil scientist and then a farmer for about 10 years.








Our Administrative Coordinator is Kate Looney

Kate coordinates our administration services.  Kate was born in Wagga and before working in the church she trained as a nurse and had a career in health management.








Our Interim Assistant Pastor is Sheldon Holmes

Sheldon loves working with youth and has a passion for music.  He was born in Wagga and has just finished his diploma in ministry from Morling College.