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What we believe

What we believe

About God

We believe there is one God who made everything.  He has always existed and his power, wisdom, holiness and love are literally boundless. He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three persons but one God.  Jesus is the son of God and he has perfectly shown us who God is. He was born to Mary as a baby after he was conceived of the Holy Spirit.  He is both God and man at the same time.  Like the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit has existed forever and is powerfully at work in the world today.


About the Bible

God reveals himself through the Bible which is his word.  He inspired the Bible through the Holy Spirit and it is infallible as originally given and is without error.  The Bible has supreme authority in all matters of faith, practice and experience.


About humanity

Men and women were created in the image of God and to enjoy fellowship with Him and give him glory.  We have unique dignity.  We became rebels against God.  Our relationship with Him was broken and our nature was terribly corrupted. By nature all of us are now spiritually dead and under the control of darkness and are subject to God’s condemnation. Apart from God’s grace, humanity is now helpless and hopeless and destitute.  We can’t even turn ourselves to God.


About what Jesus did

Men who hated Jesus killed him by nailing him to a wooden cross.  In this horrible event God had a magnificent purpose.  It was through the death of Jesus, God’s son, that humanity is redeemed from the guilt, power and penalty of sin. This could happen no other way but that Jesus Christ was sacrificed as our representative substitute.  This sacrifice is sufficient for the sin of the whole world, but it is effective only in those who receive it.


About what God does in us

The Holy Spirit convinces us of our sinfulness and it is he that draws us to personal faith in Jesus, and brings us to spiritual birth as God’s children. Those who receive Christ and believe in his name not only have their sins placed on Christ and are forgiven, but also receive Christ righteousness as their own.  The Holy Spirit fills people who turn and trust in Jesus.  He dwells within the lives of believers and makes the presence of Christ real.  He enables us to live for God by leading people into truth and giving spiritual gifts.


About how we live for God

After someone believes in Christ they should be baptized.  All believers in Jesus are to spend their lives having faith in him and gladly doing what pleases him.  Believers regularly gather to worship Jesus and seek to make him known to others.  Believers should eat and drink the Lord’s Supper in faith and with thanks until his return.


About the future

At the end of this age Jesus will return to earth in His glory.  There is an appointed day of final judgment when Jesus will judge everyone.